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Oklahoma Football Practice Report: Plenty Of Options At Receiver This Year

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Oklahoma receiver's coach, Jay Norvell, may have the most difficult job among the coaching staff. He has to choose three receivers to be on the field and seven to be on the bench. What makes the decision so difficult is that of Oklahoma's ten receivers in camp seven of them could play. So...who do you have on the field and when?

"Last year we had some guys start by default. To start is something you earn by consistent play and playing at a high level. We have competition we did not have last year. Guys that were playing last year are finding out there's a lot more competition." - Jay Norvell on Oklahoma's receivers

The only receiver set in stone right now is Ryan Broyles but if the season were starting today he'd be joined by Dejuan Miller and freshman Kenny Stills. That would leave Jaz Reynolds, Brandon Caleb, Cameron Kenney, Justin McCay, Trey Franks, Sheldon McClain and Joe Powell on the bench. The latter four are freshman but could see the field this season. Its up to Norvell to figure it out though.

"Our line is doing a great job. They've been working hard every day, grinding, getting better. I think we'll be a lot better in the run game. You can't be one dimensional. You do that and they sit back in cover two and cover three and cover your receivers. If you force them to load the box, it sets up the play action." - DeMarco Murray

Who will be behind Tom Wort at middle linebacker now?

Austin Box and Tom Wort we entrenched in a battle for the starting middle linebacker position until Box suffered a back injury. Now Wort steps in as the starter and Sooner fans are left questioning who's behind him with Box out three to six weeks? Here's your answer (kinda).

Daniel Franklin and Jaydan Bird are both in the mix to get on the defensive two deep at middle linebacker. They both could see action in the opener against Utah State once the Sooners get the game under control.

"No, I like to see him go hard. He might knock the breath out of somebody. But that's part of it. He's not going down on somebody's kneecap or anything. He hits a lot of guys in the head. It's legal." - Brent Venables when asked if he was worried if hard hitting Ronnell Lewis would hurt a teammate in practice