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Oklahoma Football Practice Report: Cameron Kenney Hoping To Stay In The Mix At Receiver

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Last year we saw Ryan Broyles establish himself as the, "go to" guy among Oklahoma's receivers. We also witnessed the emergence of DeJuan Miller and the potential of Jaz Reynolds. These three guys stepping up, along with a few timely drops, left JUCO transfer Cameron Kenney standing on the sidelines through the second half of the season. Now Kenney is hoping to reinsert himself into the starting rotation for the 2010 season.

"Last year was just a learning experience. I just wasn't having fun. I was way too nervous. I really have wiped the slate clean. There were a lot of negative plays last year, but you have to learn from that. You have to fix the mental mistakes and fix the plays that you didn't do so well on. I really feel more comfortable now being thrown into the mix. This year, I'm a lot happier out there. I'm having fun." - Cameron Kenney

Ryan Broyles Not Returning Kickoffs

"I'm not interested in seeing Ryan. Not that he couldn't, but I think it's too big an impact on kickoffs and I'd rather not see him get blown up. You know, that can happen on occasion. So I want some bigger guys that can run through some tackles." - Bob Stoops on Ryan Broyles returning kickoffs

It looks like freshmen Brennan Clay and Roy Finch are going to get the nod on kick returns with DeMarco Murray and Mossis Madu rotating in as well. 

"I'm, first, just really excited about the way Landry's playing, just stronger in his ball and everything he's doing. The progress is there that you hope would be there. - Bob Stoops on quarterback Landry Jones