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O-State Charging More For Bedlam Than The OU/Texas Game

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Are you ready for this? I hope you're sitting down! This year's Bedlam game, in Stillwater, will be the most expensive regular season ticket in all of college football, even more than the Red River Shootout in Dallas.

The cost of Oklahoma's annual grudge match against the Longhorns is going to be around $110 per ticket. A bit pricey, but worth the price once you consider that you're getting the Texas State Fair, the city of Dallas and the best college football rivalry in the country included. 

This year's Bedlam price? How about $125 per ticket! Included in that price is the nation's most lopsided rivalry set in the non-luxurious surrounding of Stillwater, OK. Yes, admittedly, Stillwater does have its perks but compared to Dallas, come on!

I guess the Pokes are trying to capitalize on the one game of the year when they actually fill their stadium. For that price you'd think that OSU fans should at least get to see their team score!