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Oklahoma Football Practice Report: Ronnell Lewis Getting Some Time At Defensive End

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It has been a long time since Oklahoma has entered the football season with a player getting as much hype as strongside linebacker Ronnell Lewis. Already a legend because of his vicious hits as a special teams player, Sooner fans got a glimpse of what the future looks like with him playing linebacker when he drew the start in the Sun Bowl. He didn't disappoint either! Now in 2010 Oklahoma fans are going to have the opportunity to see "The Hammer" line up in a new position from time to time. 

"He's the most violent hitter I've been around. I haven't been all over the place, OK, but I've been here and we've had some good players and he's as violent as they come," - Brent Venables on Ronnell Lewis

Something that was brought up here in the comments section of this post on Sunday is now becoming a reality. The Sooners are planning on using Lewis as a stand up pass rusher in passing situations.

"There's a little learning curve there, plus he's kind of double-training at linebacker and defensive end. He's having to deal with learning all the calls and there's so much that goes on. He's showing some great signs, and I think it's going to be a great move for us with him, especially when you play all the different spread people we play. It gives you a speed rusher. He brings a lot to the table. He's not necessarily natural at it, but he's a really good pass rusher." - Defensive Ends Coach, Bobby Jack Wright

Of course doing this would call for a bit of a shift in the defensive formation that would more than likely put freshman Tony Jefferson on the field as the strongside linebacker when Lewis moves to the defensive end position and either Jeremy Beal or Frank Alexander would move to a defensive tackle position to keep the 4-3 look or one of the defensive tackles would be pulled giving the Sooners a 3-4 look. I like the potential here. I'm just wondering how many helmets he's gonna crack hitting quarterbacks?