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Where I Come From: My All-Time Favorite Oklahoma Football Players

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This is the toughest subject of all in my opinion. There have been so many great football players that have gone through Oklahoma's locker room that to narrow it down to just one seems harsh and impossible. Of course if I take the time to mention every single player that I had somewhat of a, "man crush" on then this would be the post that never ends. So, how about this? I'll give you my top five favorite Sooners, throw in a few honorable mentions and then you guys fill in the blanks. Sound fair?

#5 Renaldo Works - Works was never a super star but he did have his shining moment at OU in leading the Sooners to a come from behind win over Alabama in 2002 with a few spectacular runs. He shared time and mostly played as a backup but on that hot September day he was the show. One of the all-time memorable performances by a Sooner football player in my book.

#4 Brian Bosworth - Yes, he was flamboyant. Yes, he was arrogant. Yes, he was a punk. Yes, as an 11-year old boy I wanted to be just like him. 

#3 Jason White - Home town kid does good. Forget Rudy! Someone needs to come up with a movie about Jason White's story. From two major knee injuries that could have and possibly should have ended his career to a Heisman Trophy. I can't remember a better example of perseverance in my lifetime.

#2 Keith Jackson - We could make an entire post out of just trying to pick an all-time Keith Jackson play. Early nominees would be the 88-yard reverse against Nebraska and the 71-yard touchdown reception against Penn State in the Orange Bowl from the 1985 season, or 1986 the one handed catch against Nebraska with 18 seconds remaining in the game to set up the game winning field goal. This is a guy who transcended the tight end position. 

#1 Super Man - How can it be anyone else? I've never enjoyed watching a defensive player more than I did this guy. He's responsible for giving us, "The Play" of the Bob Stoops era. Ladies and Gentlemen, the real Roy Williams.


Honorable Mention

Sam Bradford

Mark Clayton

Jermaine Gresham

Quentin Griffin

Tommie Harris

Josh Heupel

Jamelle Holieway

Curtis Lofton

Adrian Peterson

Spencer Tillman