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OU running back Mossis Madu charged with DUI

Goes without saying this is not the kind of breaking news we like to cover here at C&C Machine, but we do have a responsibilty to report the good as well as the bad.  I will never understand why these kids aren't smarter than this, especially considering Madu is a fifth year senior.  I mean I get that it's college no doubt, but if you are a relatively high profile athlete at an elite program you've just got to be more intelligent than this. 

Madu figured to be one of the primary backup RBs to starter and fellow senior DeMarco Murray.  I'd think he can kiss his chances to that happening goodbye now.  I for one hope Coach Stoops levels a meaningful punishment and not something Urban Meyer or Mack Brown esque like suspending him for the Utah State game.  I'm the first one to rip Ol' Yeller or The Cryer when he pulls that kind of bunk so Stoops should absolutely be held to the same, if not higher, standard.  I'm going to stop short of getting way up on my soapbox and simply say this was an idiotic and easily avoidable mistake by this young man and as a proud Sooner fan I assume I am not alone in my disappointment.

I'm sure all the rival trolls will come flooding out of the shadows now, so fair warning use the comment section wisely.