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Here's A Shocker: Another Longhorn Pothead

Former Texas Longhorn quarterback Chris Simms got his name added to a long list of UT football players busted for pot either while playing for Texas or after moving on. Simms was always my favorite Texas quarterback but after Rocky Calmus and Roy Williams moved on from OU he just didn't have anyone left to throw the ball to (Texas fans will get that once the smoke from Cedric Benson's bong clears the room) .

Simms and his wife Danielle, both 29 of Nashville, were stopped as Simms drove their 2009 Mercedes Benz through an NYPD Manhattan South Task Force checkpoint on W. Houston Street at about 1:35 a.m., according to a source.

Simms reeked of marijuana and admitted to officers he had smoked earlier in the car, a source said.

"He was muttering," a source told The Post.

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Yeah, yeah, I know Longhorn fan, Oklahoma has had players (former and current) who've done this and that and I'm a hypocrite for pointing out faults in the UT players. Save your breath. However I also know that if this turns into a contest of which program has had the most players arrested in let's say the last 10 years or so then Texas wins that hands down. Finally, I guess we all know now what's really growing on the 40 acres.