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Top 15 "Triplets" In College Football

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Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas A&M all made the Rivals list of the Top 15 Triplets that are going to be a nightmare for defenses. Cincinnati, OU's fourth opponent of the season, also made the list at #12. As for the Sooners - Landry Jones, Ryan Broyles and DeMarco Murray come in at #8. Here's what Rivals had to say about Oklahoma's triplets.

The triplets: QB Landry Jones, RB DeMarco Murray, WR Ryan Broyles
The buzz: As much as any group on this list, these three Sooners have the most to gain by working together over the summer. Jones didn't become the full-time starter until the Oct. 24 game against Kansas. Broyles missed a game with an injury and combined for three total catches in the games before and after. Murray missed a game and split carries with Chris Brown. Broyles was the most productive of the group, finishing the season with 89 catches for 1,120 yards and 15 touchdowns. Jones threw 26 TD passes but also 14 interceptions; expect the first number to go up and the second to go down as he becomes more comfortable in the offense.