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Willie Warren And Blake Griffin Reunited

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There's no way you'll ever convince me that Willie Warren went where he thought he would in the NBA draft but there's no way you'll convince me he couldn't have landed in a better place. Thought to be a lock as a first round draft pick had he chosen to come out after his freshman season, Warren was selected with the 54th overall pick in Thursday night's 2010 NBA draft. That's 7th from last for the guy who has the me first attitude.

However, there is some really good news for Willie Warren in this year's draft. The best possible NBA home for Warren was in L.A.  because the Clippers have the one guy that he could not only get along with but also find success on the court with. Former Sooner teammate Blake Griffin will be a sight for sore eyes for Willie Warren who no doubt possesses NBA talent but had major character issues.