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Can The Weather Delay Save The Sooners?

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Oklahoma got exactly what they needed last night. In the realm of catching breaks there may not have been a better one than when severe weather moved in on the College World Series causing a break in the action and giving the Sooners the opportunity to catch their breath.

OU had been struggling from the mound, in the field and behind the plate which lead to a 6-1 Clemson lead when play was suspended. Errors on what should have been routine plays led to Clemson runs instead of outs and a force field over the strike zone for Sooner pitchers but too many Tigers on base with a free pass. On top of that, Clemson pitcher Scott Weisman was keeping the Sooner offense at bay.

Now Oklahoma has had a night to think about it. regroup a little and will try and make a run at the Tigers. They'll have four full innings (game resumes in the top of the 6th) to make up a five run deficit.