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From the SBNation Mainpage: OU headed to Pac 10 Next Week (Unofficial)

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The University of Oklahoma is headed for the Pacific-10 Conference but will wait until Texas declares its intentions, an OU source told The Oklahoman Friday after Nebraska announced it will leave the Big 12 for the Big Ten.

This basically means they've all made up their minds, but we're waiting on Texas to officially announce so we don't get hung out to dry.


This was just posted on the mainpage:

The demise of the Big 12 is upon us. According to Chip Brown of (the driving force behind much of this Pac-10 expansion reporting), four Big 12 south schools will move to the Pac-10 — Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech.

The decision for those schools to leave the conference was made following Nebraska officially accepting the invite to join the Big Ten on Friday.

Brown adds that Texas will make its announcement next Thursday.

As predicted, Nebraska has officially left the Big 12 and will apply to the Big 10 (which is apparently just a formality at this point). I wonder what Texas A&M is doing dragging their feet? Chip Brown seems to have been pretty reliable so far. I'm going to wait until there is an official announcement, but it appears we continue to march down the path to the Pac 10.

This should make 43% of you happy, according to our recent poll.