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OU To SEC Rumors Growing Stronger!

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Raise your hand if you know which conference realignment rumor to put the most trust in. The problem with rumors is that they are after all just rumors and there are so many of them flying around right now that I just feel like going to bed and having someone let me know when there's something solid out there. I'm gaining more and more respect for Colorado who just came out and told the world what they were doing. Wish we could get a few other schools to do the same. Problem is though, I really don't think that OU, Texas and Texas A&M know what they're going to do. There is some evidence mounting now that the schools from the Big 12 who seemed to be approaching this as a band of brothers are now on the verge of slitting each others throats.

The Longhorns and Sooners appeared to be walking into the conference realignment saga hand-in-hand. Now, if you believe the latest spicy rumor, the two have broken ties and are heading in separate directions. More and more reports are coming around that the Longhorns and Aggies are Big 10 bound while the Sooners are looking for a partner to take to the SEC dance. 

To give this rumor some legs comes this published report from KCTV 5 in Kansas City that summarizes everything that I've already stated plus the fact that Oklahoma State is heading to the Pac 10 with Colorado. There's also this tidbit about Josh Heupel stating that he heard from OU running backs coach (Cale Gundy) that OU was heading to the SEC.  What once appeared as a group of schools with a strong show of solidarity has now become a free-for-all with everyone looking out for themselves. 

Who knows why OU and Texas may have decided to part ways but any thoughts there would just be speculation. I guess my biggest question would be, if Texas went to the Big 10 and and Oklahoma State to the Pac 10 then what is the future of Oklahoma's rivalries?

The other issue is who can be Oklahoma's partner school? It looks like O-State and Texas can be counted out but not necessarily Texas A&M. They seem to really like the SEC and could gain entrance with the Sooners. However, it doesn't have to be a Big 12 school so there are lots of options. Really too many to try and break down. You know, on second thought, maybe I'll just go ahead and go to bed. Let me know when there's some solid information out there.