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NCAA Hammer Finally Drops On USC: Trojans Face Two Year Post Season Ban

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I guess the best thing about this potential merger to the Pac 10 would be that when a team cheats the results of an NCAA investigation won't come around for the next four years. At least that's how long it took for the pride of the Pac 10 to finally get its due for having a salary cap greater than the San Francisco 49ers.

The complete results of the NCAA probe, and subsequent punishment to USC, won't be released until a conference call sometime Thursday afternoon. However, ESPN's Bruce Feldman is reporting that part of the Trojans' punishment will include loss of scholarships and a two-year post season ban. 

With the entire team from 2005 completely gone and Pete Carrol bolting to the NFL there's no one left in L.A. to punish for the infractions. Unfortunately the current players and coaches are guilty by association and must now bear the burden of sins committed by someone else. How much of a slime ball does Carrol look like now for bolting on his team before the consequences of his actions came bearing down on the program?