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Connecting The Dots - OU Assistant To Financial Advisor To Tiny Gallon

In his latest mock draft, ESPN's Chad Ford has Willie Warren and Tiny Gallon going in the final two picks of the first round of the year's NBA Draft but the NCAA may be having the Sooners back on probation. The Oklahoma athletic program comes off probation from football and basketball violations this Sunday but the latest break in the latest basketball scandal may have the Sooners landing back on the NCAA hot seat.

A review of former Oklahoma men's basketball assistant coach Oronde Taliaferro's phone records showed that the coach had exchanged 41 phone calls and 25 text messages with financial advisor Jeffrey Hausinger. I think that this officially removes coincidence option when it comes to Tiny receiving $3,000 from Hausinger. When you consider the fact that the peak of their correspondence was August of last year, the same month as the Gallon payoff, it looks down right bad for the program.

Jeff Capel has done an outstanding job of recruiting after getting a late start due to the notices of Warren, Gallon and Tommy Mason-Griffin leaving. However, a year after his peak as the master of the Sooner hard court sideline Capel's team literally fell apart and quit in him. Now instead of being the guy to land Blake Griffin, his legacy could be defined as the guy who allowed one of the greatest scandals in OU basketball history to fall on his watch. 

An investigation is still ongoing but this latest news can't be helpful to Oklahoma's cause. If the NCAA levies more sanctions against the program what, if anything, do you think should happen to Jeff Capel?