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Big Ten extends offer to two Big 12 North schools

According to a report on the website of Kansas City radio station, the Big Ten Conference has extended offers to four schools including two Big 12 North schools.  Notre Dame, Rutgers, Missouri, and Nebraska are the four schools who have reportedly been offered to join what is now known as the Big Ten Conference.  According to the report, the Big Ten has told the schools they would like to have things wrapped up by this summer with an official announcement no later than July.  It is assumed that were the either Missouri or Nebraska to accept the offer, they would likely give a one year notice due to financial penalties the Big 12 could (and likely will) impose should they choose to leave. 

Well, do you guys think this is legit or not?  For the sake of discussion let's assume both Mizzou and the Huskers leave, what direction would you like to see the conference go in?  What would be the best scenario for OU?