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Fans Vote Texas Rangers As CC Machine's Official 2010 MLB Team

This is going to take a little bit of getting used to for me. Personally, I've got no real beef with the Texas Rangers but as a Seattle Mariners fan I also don't make a habit of cheering for them either. Anyway, that is going to have to change as our readers voted the Rangers as the team for our community to follow in 2010.

2010 AL West Standings
Team W L Pct GB
Oakland 3 1 .750 --
Texas 2 2 .500 1.0
LA Angels 1 3 .250 2.0
Seattle 1 4 .200 2.5


As we head into the first weekend of the Major League Baseball season the Rangers are just a game back of Oakland for first place in the AL West. Unfortunately, its my Mariners who are bringing up the rear in that division. We'll try our best to update the standings each week and provide some series recaps but for in depth coverage of the Texas Rangers you'll want to check out Lone Star Ball.