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Way Being Paved For Sam Bradford To Be NFL Top Pick

Just after the combine the cat was let out of the bag that the St Louis Rams were in love with Sam Bradford. However, they we still a bit mum in discussing their plans which left speculation that they still might go for a defensive tackle. The Washington Redskins were also in play, having hopes that the Rams would pass on Bradford and let him fall into their lap at pick number 4. All of that speculation is over now and Bradford's NFL destination has just about become clear to the entire football world.

Sam Bradford was already a hot commodity to future NFL teams. So much so that representatives from all 32 teams came to watch his pro-day workout despite only a few actually having the opportunity to acquire him. Is was that pro-day that set the wheels in motion to solidify Oklahoma's Heisman quarterback as the top pick in the 2010 NFL draft. Pro teams knew through the combine that he had the size, (bulking up with 15 extra pounds of muscle certainly helped) and smarts to be a signal caller in the NFL. His pro-day showed that he had the arm as every representative left Norman highly impressed.

It didn't take long for the NFL to react to Bradford's performance either. News came out Sunday that the Philadelphia Eagles had traded All-Pro quarterback Donovan McNabb to Washington indicating that the Redskins had given up hope that the Rams would pass on Bradford. Then, on Monday the news broke that St. Louis had released quarterback Marc Bulger leaving a roster spot open for a franchise quarterback.

Now Bradford moves from being a Heisman quarterback in college to the first rebuilding piece for a franchise that went 1-15 last season. The way may be paved for him but its going to be a long road.