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2010 OU Draft Prospects: Trent Williams

Trent Williams is the last (alphabetically last) of what is most likely to be four Sooners taken in the first round of the 2010 NFL draft. Williams improved significantly over the course of the 2009 season but he's also made strides to improve in the off season as well. So much so that several teams have him tabbed as this draft's top offensive tackle prospect. Among those teams are the Washington Redskins who have the fourth overall pick in the draft. There's the belief out there that the Skins are still in the market for a quarterback but with Bradford going first to the Rams they may take an offensive tackle over Jimmy Clausen. This sets up Williams to be the third Sooner taken in the first four selections of the draft.

40 Vertical  Broad Jump 20-yard shuttle Projected Draft Round
4.81 34.5 inches 9'5" 4.63 1st

What NFL Scouts Like

Pass blocking: Williams has a strong initial punch and usually coils back quickly, his base is wide enough and footwork good enough to anchor in. Alert and skilled enough to protect a quarterback's blindside. Can handle defensive ends one-on-one and does an outstanding job at recognizing blitzes.

Run blocking: Fires off the line and dominates when drive blocking. He can turn his man whichever way is needed and sustains the block.

Initial Quickness: Has a good burst off the snap to run block, and latches onto his man immediately. He sets quickly after his kick slide on both the left and right side.

Downfield: Williams looks for secondary targets to block downfield when needed. He reaches linebackers and safeties at the second level quickly off the snap. Gets hands into the jersey and moves his feet to drive the defender back.

Where The Scouts Are Skeptical

Pulling/trapping: This isn't a question of ability as much as its a concern of experience. Williams is certainly athletic and quick enough. He just was not asked to pull or trap at OU.