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2010 OU Draft Prospects: Gerald McCoy

Keeping up with the latest rumors, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could be shopping around their third overall pick in this year's NFL draft. This is important to us Sooner fans because it appears that is the slot where Gerald McCoy could be going. St. Louis seems to be heading towards making Sam Bradford the overall top pick in the draft and the Detroit Lions seem to like Nebraska's Ndamukong Suh enough to take him with the second pick which leaves Tampa (needing a defensive tackle) at three. You'd think if they traded the pick it would be to another team that wanted to move up and grab a defensive tackle but don't forget there's still a lot of love out there for Jimmy Clausen and a team may want to snag him before Washington gets a shot with the number four pick.

40 Vertical  Broad Jump 20-yard shuttle Projected Draft Round
5.04 30.5 inches 9'6" 4.48 1st

What NFL Scouts Like

Pass rush: McCoy is constantly moving toward the quarterback no matter where he lines up. When playing inside, uses a quick first step, strong hands and a quick spin move to get past man-up blocking. He keeps his eyes on the quarterback, and puts his hand up to affect the passing lane or knock down throws.

Run defense: An explosive tackler with the agility and power to bring down backs before they can get started. He's able to beat the cut block and quickly recover to get back into the play. Good pursuit down the line or 10-15 yards downfield to chase the ball. Keeps his shoulders square when engaged down the line.

Explosion: Is quick and powerful off the snap, especially when he stays low to maintain leverage. Has a powerful punch to keep a tackle off-balance. When he's lined up on the edge, tight ends can't handle his power with one-on-one blocking.

Strength: McCoy keeps his hands active by pushing into his man's chest or shoulders to pressure the pocket. He's able to control the tackle when at defensive end by using his hands to disengage to make the play.

Tackling: McCoy's strong upper-body build along with his long arms make him a secure tackler inside, even when not coming straight-on toward his target. He's able to change direction to drag down running backs or quarterbacks after breaking through the line. He accelerates into a ballcarrier and will close quickly on quarterbacks.