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2010 OU Draft Prospects: Jermaine Gresham

Jermaine Gresham is the top ranked tight end in this year's draft and is such a physical specimen that there are rumors the Atlanta Falcons will forgo their defensive need and take him with their first round pick. It appears that missing the 2009 college football season hasn't derailed NFL teams from locking in on him as his draft stock has remained steady as this year's top tight end prospect.

40 Vertical  Broad Jump 20-yard shuttle Projected Draft Round
4.66 35 inches 9'5" 4.53 1st

What NFL Scouts Like

Quick Release From The Line: Gresham has a big body (6-5/261) but gets off the line very quick with enough acceleration to move past linebackers and into the secondary where he's an immediate mismatch. 

Hands: Makes very difficult catches in traffic and typically secures the ball before heading upfield. His height and vertical jump make him a top jump ball target.

Route running: Runs short, intermediate and deep routes effectively. Smooth runner. Quicker feet than expected, and runs tight routes inside and out. Sits down in zones and presents a large target. Will use head and body fakes before planting to cut. Constantly threatens the deep seam, as teams use a cornerback to cover him. Uses his big body to shield defenders over the middle and especially in the red zone.

After the catch: Runs like a wide receiver but with more strength after the catch. Makes defenders miss with a quick stop move and is strong enough to stiff arm linebackers and defensive backs. Will lean forward to run through arm tackles. Often requires multiple defenders to bring him down.

Where The NFL Scouts Are Skeptical

Blocking: Has the ability to be a dominating blocker but sometimes lacks the desire. Has the strength to pancake linebackers and smaller defensive ends. Struggles at times in maintaining blocks and picking up blitzes.