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2010 OU Draft Prospects: Dominique Franks

Dominique Franks surprised me a little with his choice to come out after his junior season. I was sure that he'd be a first round lock had he played through his senior season and at best he'd be a 2nd or 3rd round selection coming out early. At the end of the day its these guy's choice to make and apparently the info Dom got from the NFL was good enough for him. You gotta respect that!

40 Height Weight 60-yard shuttle Projected Draft Round
4.47 5-11 194 11.72 2nd

What NFL Scouts Like

Read & React: Franks is very good in recognition of routes. He can both read his receiver and is also aware of others on his side of the field. Does a great job at reading the quarterback's eyes when in zone.

Man Coverage: Franks is fast and has a low backpedal. He's flexible with a smooth hip turn, possess nice change-of-direction skills, and is able to stick with receivers on crossing routes and down the sideline. He stays aware of his man when the quarterback scrambles, but is also quick to attack. He's willing to jam a receiver at four or five yards to knock him off his route when playing off the line.

Zone Coverage: Franks has good awareness in zone. He's able to come off his man and shut down underneath routes to limit the gain or make a big play. He has the speed to catch up with the deep route.

Closing/Recovery: Franks has excellent recovery speed and closes on the ball in the air very quickly in both zone and man defenses. He baits quarterbacks to throw the out, which he can easily knock away with long arms and strong hands.

Tackling: He has the right body size and strength to play corner in the NFL. He is reliable in tackling his receiver after the catch with his length and aggressiveness. He also has the size and speed to chase down open ballcarriers and drag them to the ground.

Where The NFL Scouts Are Skeptical

Communication: Communication problems with the safeties led to too many big plays in the secondary by opposing offenses over the last two years.

Run Support: Struggles to shed blocks of bigger receivers. Doesn't have great technique in tackling running backs.