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Tommy Mason-Griffin discusses his decision to leave OU

In an interview with the FOX affiliate of his home town of Houston, former OU point guard Tommy Mason-Griffin spoke about his decision to leave OU after just one year.

"I want to apologize if they felt I let them down by leaving early or leaving this soon I would say," said Mason-Griffin in an interview on Monday with FOX 26 Sports.

"This past season, I know we didn't have the best season, but I gave it my all. My teammates gave it their all even though the end of the season didn't come out like it was supposed to, but we played hard and we fought."

Mason-Griffin said his relationship with OU head coach Jeff Capel has never been better.

"It's kind of like a big brother-type relationship," Mason-Griffin said. "He texts me to see where my confidence is at. We text every now and then, kind of a friendship-type thing.

"We have a nice bond even though I left school early.

Even though Mason-Griffin is chasing his life-long dream by making himself available for the NBA Draft, he still said it was not an easy decision.

"I know my coaches weren't expecting me to leave this early," Mason-Griffin said. "So it was like leaving a family to help my family. When it came down to it I wanted to do whatever was best for me

"It was tough simply because I know next year there will be a whole lot of different opportunities (at OU), but I feel like I am ready this year. So I just want to prove that."

Even though I'm disappointed he left so early, I am happy to hear that he and Capel still have a positive relationship.  I think that says a lot about our coach and his ability to respect this kid's decision even if most of us out there think it was a mistake.  Hopefully things work out for TMG and he is able to provide for his family.