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2010 OU Draft Prospects: Brody Eldridge

When you think Oklahoma tight ends in correlation with the 2010 NFL draft one's mind immediately goes to super human freak Jermaine Gresham. However, there's another former Sooner tight end eligible for this year's draft that proved to be both durable and versatile in 2009. Brody Eldridge very well may have been Oklahoma's best all around football player in 2009 and is now looking to move on to a career in the NFL.

40 20 Yard Shuttle Vertical Jump Broad Jump Projected Draft Round
4.75 -- -- 9'4" 7th

What NFL Scouts Like

Blocking: Eldridge's ability to block is most likely what's going to get him drafted because his future in the NFL is most likely going to be as a lineman and not at the tight end position (for more evidence of this, see what scouts are skeptical about). He blocks with a wide base which allows him to anchor in as long as he's using his footwork. His strong upper body gives him the power to pancake a defender or handle most defenders in one-on-one blocking. Has a strong motor that allows him to play through the whistle and give effort downfield. 

Versatility: Moving from tight end to the offensive line last season not only showed that Eldridge was versatile but also also a team player when it comes to sacrificing for the benefit of the team. 


Where The NFL Scouts Are Skeptical

Release off the line: Eldridge only has average quickness in getting off the line and into his route. He doesn't have the speed to allow him to accelerate past NFL safeties or linebackers.

Hands: Eldridge is generally secure on throws within his body frame but uses his body to catch the ball too often instead of trusting his hands.

Route running: Eldridge takes too much time to get moving off the line. He rounds routes and lacks change of direction. He doesn't have the quickness to get past the jam into his route and is not flexible enough to effectively turn to look for the ball.

After the catch: Eldridge is a a straight-ahead, move-the-chains type runner after the catch. He's not going to show much elusiveness or agility.