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2010 OU Draft Prospects: Chris Brown

Chris Brown may go down in history as one of the most underrated running backs to ever wear the Crimson and Cream. Brown was the workhorse of the Sooner offense and built a reputation or durability and productivity. Unfortunately he doesn't have the size of the prototypical NFL back which could mean he has to land his NFL career as a late round draft pick or as an undrafted free agent.

40 20 Yard Shuttle Vertical Jump Broad Jump Projected Draft Round
4.54 -- 34.5-Inch 9'10" 7th

What NFL Scouts Like

Strong Inside Runner: Brown is patient and has the vision to find holes and exploit them. He presses the line in single-back or I-formation and is able to bounce plays outside with good quickness. He has good vision which helps him sidestep tackles and keeps two hands on the ball when in traffic.

Breaks Tackles: Brown is able to shake off tackles inside and break arm tackles outside to get into the open. He has a strong stiff-arm that he uses against defensive backs. 

Good Receiver: Brown can adjusts to low throws and catches the ball well away from his body. He looks the ball in and secures it before running and is able to make the first man miss after the catch.

Where The NFL Scouts Are Skeptical

Size And Outside Running: Brown has good speed but not great. He can get to the corner but doesn't posses the ability to break away. His balance and quick cutting will make him effective when running between the tackles but his size and becomes an issue there.  

Blocking: Just gets in the way of rushing defenders or cut blocks as a pass protector. Doesn't seem to posses the ability to hold a block.