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2010 OU NFL Draft Prospects: Sam Bradford

While nothing is certain in the world of the National Football League one thing has become fairly clear in regards to Sam Bradford. He's either going to go #1 overall to the St. Louis Rams or #4 to the Washington Redskins. Both teams are over the top high on him and no one would be surprised to see him go to either one of those teams. The acquisition of Donovan McNabb by Washington seemed to indicate that Bradford was destined for St. Louis. Not because they didn't want him but more so because the Rams may want him desperately and have the first pick. Make no mistake though, if the Rams go with Clausen or someone else leaving Bradford on the board when the #4 pick comes around then he'll be a Redskin.

40 20 Yard Shuttle Vertical Jump Broad Jump Projected Draft Round
4.72 4.43 32-Inch 9'3" 1st

What The NFL Scouts Like

Accuracy: Bradford won a Heisman Trophy because of his accuracy. He places throws in tight spaces when facing zones or splitting two defenders down the seam. He's able to put the ball on the numbers so the receiver can make a play after the catch.  Bradford is able to anticipates his receivers' routes, and doesn't have to wait until they make their break or get open.

Release: Bradford is quick with his release. He throws a tight spiral on most every throw. He generally has quiet feet, is patient and shows poise in the pocket. Bradford has proven that he's willing to stand in the pocket and deliver against pressure. Works out of the shotgun often but is solid with his footwork and balanced in drops. He has a great ball fake when in play-action and a strong pump fake as well.

Arm Strength: Bradford doesn't have a cannon but has a strong enough arm to have a successful NFL career. He's proven to be able to fit the ball into tight quarters, especially in the middle of the field, and uses anticipation and accuracy to connect on deep outs

Character: A very smart athlete who is well respected both on and off the field. Bradford maintains a high moral compass.

Where The NFL Scouts Are Skeptical

Reading Defenses: Sam Bradford is able to go through his progressions and looks off safety when in the pocket. However, Oklahoma's spread attack often put him on a hot read or exploited a match-up weakness with the play calling.  His lack of feel for backside pressure and missing late blitzers cost him last season with the shoulder injury and at times won't recognize dropping linebackers and late-moving safeties.