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Sooners Fail To Gain Big 12 Conference Sweep, Again

At 25-7 Oklahoma's baseball team has won three of the four baseball series they've played in conference but so far the only sweep they've been a part of is the one they suffered at the hands of the Texas Longhorns. After failing to accomplish the feat while hosting the Missouri Tigers this weekend one has to start wondering if it just isn't in the cards for this team to win three in a row over a conference opponent. Not because they aren't talented enough but because Sunday just doesn't seem to be their day. Eleven runs off 14 hits in Sunday's loss to Missouri is just further evidence that this team is snake bit on the Sabbath.

Big 12 Baseball Scores - Sunday, April 11
Baylor 2, Texas A&M 1     

Texas Tech 5, Oklahoma State 3     

Texas 10, Kansas 4     

Kansas State 8, Nebraska 3     

Missouri 12, Oklahoma 11     

Oklahoma seemed to take control of the game when they built a 6-2 lead with a five run 4th inning. A major problem arose in the 6th though when what is typically very solid pitching for the Sooners fell apart allowing for the Tigers to put up 8 runs and rebuild their lead. The Sooners responded by tying the score in the bottom of the 6th but a solo shot home run by Missouri's Aaron Senne in the top of the 8th settled the score once and for all by giving the Tigers a 12-11 advantage.

2010 Big 12 Baseball Standings

Big 12 Pct Overall Pct
Texas 10-2 .833 26-7 .788
Kansas State 6-3 .667 23-6 .793
Texas A&M 6-5-1 .542 20-10-1 .661
Texas Tech 6-6 .500 17-18 .486
Oklahoma 5-5 .500 25-7 .781
Baylor 5-5 .500 19-11 .633
Kansas 3-5-1 .389 19-13-1 .591
Nebraska 4-8 .333 16-16 .500
Oklahoma State 3-6 .333 18-12 .600
Missouri 3-6 .333 18-13 .581
As of April 11, 05:48 PM CT


The big picture here is that Oklahoma helped themselves out in the conference standings by taking two of three games against the Tigers and have a chance to overtake Texas Tech this weekend. So technically all is good but we'd just like to see them finish off a series with the sweep. Perhaps that'll come this weekend in Lubbock.