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University of Oklahoma Moving Forward With Internal Investigation of Tiny Gallon

Kenny Mossman has now formally confirmed that the University of Oklahoma is moving forward with an internal investigation of alleged improprieties by Sooner Freshman Tiny Gallon.  Gallon has been accused of a $3000 wire transfer from financial advisor Jeffery Hausinger in August of 2009.  

Here is a recap from when the news first broke: is alleging that Oklahoma freshman forward, Tiny Gallon may have accepted $3,000 from an individual who has been known to rep several professional athletes. The gossip rag (because in the end, that's what it is) claims to have obtained a "document" that  shows that Gallon and his mother, Sylvia Wright received a wire transfer into a joint bank account from Jeffrey Hausinger, a Merrill Lynch financial advisor.  

For a great summary of the off-season troubles that have plagued the Sooners check out this great summary.