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Crimson And Cream Machine Reaches 500,000 Visit Milestone

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Tuesday morning The Machine surpassed the half million visits milestone. On behalf of  all of our managers, writers, editors and contributors I'd like to say thanks for making this a great community of Sooner fans. I'd also like to encourage you to help us to continue to make this site a great place for OU fans to congregate. There are several ways you can do that. 

1) Become a fan of Crimson And Cream Machine on FaceBook. We started out with a FB group but now we've got our own fan page that you can follow. Once you become a fan you'll receive automatic notifications of new posts on the Machine.

2) Participate In Game Threads. We often have game threads up here while Sooner athletics are in progress. While watching the games share your opinions on the action with us.

3) Create A FanPost. Got an opinion on the Sooners or something else in the Big 12? We really do want to hear it! Create a FanPost and share your thoughts on the game, the player, coach, conference or something else.

4) Create a FanShot. If you come across a photo, article quote or something on the net that you'd like to share with the community simply put it in a FanShot. Who knows, your FanPost or FanShot could end up on the main page.

5) Tell your friends! Help us grow our community by spreading the word about Crimson And Cream Machine.

Thanks for making this site what it is. We wouldn't be who we are without you!