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OU Football - Post Scrimmage Update

This past Saturday, the OU Sooners football team had their first scrimmage of the spring.  There were no fans or media allowed, but the players recently spoke about the scrimmage and some of the positives coming out of spring practice thus far.

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 According to Jake Trotter, there were plenty of things for OU fans to be excited about after this first scrimmage.  The "star" (if there is such a thing in practice) of the scrimmage was Jermie Calhoun who was very tough to bring down, had a couple nice long runs, and finished with 3 TDs.  He drew plenty of compliments from his teammates for "running the ball very well" and being "physical and difficult to bring down."  Apparently, Jermie isn't just going to let Madu assume the backup RB role and that's a very good thing to hear.  No knock on Mossis, but Jermie has a world of talent and as long as he can hold on to the ball I'd like to see him get on the field this year besides just in blowout situations.  I also think this performance is a positive for the OL as well.  Typically the defense dominates scrimmages like this because they have a pretty good idea of what's coming.  For Calhoun to run the ball as well as he reportedly did means the OL was very likely opening up holes for him to run through.  We all know the OL needs to make significant improvements heading into 2010, so let's also hope this is a good sign for that happening.

TE James Hanna and WR Jaz Reynolds each had a highlight play catching long touchdowns from Landry Jones.  Hanna's coming on a short out route that he broke a tackle on and went 65 yards for the score.  Reynolds's coming on a tipped pass for another long score.  Had to be good news for Hanna who has a real opportunity this spring to make a play for the starting TE spot.  He's struggled since he's been at OU, but I've never heard anyone question his talent so hopefully this is a sign of things to come. 

Some quick hitters:

Ryan Broyles is dealing with a minor hamstring issue and is practicing, but not at full speed.

Kevin Wilson admitted to the idea of potentially using Dejuan Miller in a role similar to how they used Jermaine Gresham two years ago in certain sets.  Meaning he could be flexed out in a TE position to exploit possible mismatches.  This is potentially, and I stress potentially with Wilson, very exciting news.  I've been asking for this for the past two years and I think Miller could be incredibly successful in a role like this say in goal line situations.  Let's hope Wilson actually follows through on this once the season starts!

People continue to be impressed with true freshman WR Kenny Stills.  There is some serious thought that he could have a legitimate chance at working his way into the rotation before the season starts.  Also mention of possible time in the slot WR spot as well.

Currently, the starting secondary is Hurst and Fleming at CB and Nelson and Carter at S.  The surprise there being Fleming I suppose.  He's been mentioned quite a bit by the coaches and at least at this point seems to have a leg up on the other guys for the other starting CB spot.

Thoughts?  Comments?