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Sooner Ladies Are Marching To The Final Four


What has been a magical post-season for Oklahoma's ladies just got even more so. Most analysts didn't give the Lady Sooners a chance to move past Notre Dame in the Sweet 16 round and then pretty much wrote them off against Kentucky in the Elite 8. Instead, the team that run ruled Nebraska on Sunday night was shown the door by a Nyeshia Stevenson's led 88-68 rout.

Things didn't start out well for OU though as Kentucky jumped out to a 17-4 lead. Like they've done all season, the OU ladies fought back and turned a 13-point deficit into a 4-point halftime lead thanks to a 21-6 run.

"Well I don't know what that was for the first five minutes, these kids have fought back all year. It's sort of their identity," Oklahoma coach Sherri Coale said. "Their confidence was unwavering. I give them credit for keeping their head and getting out of it."

After Sunday night's upset of Notre Dame I had decided that what ever happened beyond that point was just a bonus because the Sooners had just made it further than they were supposed to. In contrast to the men's season where attrition, injury and adversity brought disappointment and ruin the women have been driven to success by the exact same factors. I'll take the same mindset into Sunday night's game against Stanford as I did Tuesday night's game against Kentucky. No matter what happens, the season has already been a success.