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When Did Colt McCoy Run A 4.6 Forty?

If you watched Oklahoma's basketball game against Texas on Monday night then you most likely saw the interview done with Colt McCoy. While McCoy has easily become a likable Longhorn, something he said caught my attention. In the typical Longhorn logic of over blowing things to make them appear better than they are, McCoy stated that he ran a 4.6 forty at the NFL combine last weekend. Um, no Colt, you didn't.

Fact is, according to the official combine stats, McCoy ran a 4.79 forty. That was good for 5th best among the quarterbacks at the combine but was slower than Florida's Tim Tebow (4.72) and Oklahoma State's Zac Robinson (4.71) and certainly slower than 4.6. Colt McCoy was a whole lot closer to 4.8 than he was a 4.6 and when you're timing the 40 that's a bigger gap than what it seems. All of the top 10 defensive linemen and linebackers ran better than 4.79.

Who knows what Colt's motive was for stretching the truth about his forty time. He's certainly isn't going to fool any scouts and while the casual fan may just accept it as fact, the fans who watched and kept up with the combine certainly won't. Maybe when the lights were out and the building empty Colt McCoy really did run a 4.6 forty. Perhaps we should just put an asterisk beside his time.