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Sam Bradford's Pro Day - Watch It Live

Today at 11:00 AM Central Time Sam Bradford looks to cement his status as the number one pick in the 2010 NFL Draft on April 22. If Sam is chosen first it will give the Sooners the current top picks in both the NFL and NBA, a feat that hasn't been accomplished since 2005 when Alex Smith and Andrew Bogut did it for the Utah Utes (I'm not sure how many other times it has happened). Even more important for the University of Oklahoma, Bradford represents a chance for the Sooners to get rid of a pretty awful stigma, as no quarterback from OU has ever thrown a regular season pass in the NFL. Sam is a native son and one heck of a great kid that Sooner Nation desperately wants to succeed in his professional career.

Peter King opened up this week's Monday Morning Quarterback with talk of Bradford, and from what he has been told, Sam is all systems go for today:

One of the benefits of Bradford having the surgery, then rehabbing at API in Pensacola, is the byproduct of how fit and strong he has become after putting on 13 pounds. He's up to about 235 pounds now, and the former frail-looking passer now looks more like a pro quarterback. "He looks like a man now,'' said Andrews. "The way he's worked is a credit to him. He's one of the most sincere, hard-working kids I've been around. He's in the mold of Drew Brees, and that's a pretty good mold to be in. The kid's tougher than hell, and I moved up the date he'd turn it loose by about two weeks, just because he was doing so well in his rehab.''
So today Bradford will throw what he calls "a pretty aggressive script'' after getting loose and throwing 12 to 15 warmups.

"I don't want to hide anything,'' he said. "I know everyone's coming to see how healthy my arm is, and they're going to see me make all the throws. They're going to see the same player they saw on film in the 2008 season.''

Starting at 10:45 this morning, log on to to watch all of the action live.