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Basketball Season Mercifully Over, But We Have A Bit Of Good News

Okay, so basketball season is finally over, so you can all breathe a sigh of relief and put down the bottle.  Admittedly, the past few months have been extremely disappointing, both in regards to football and basketball.

But, I happen to have a glimmer of good news for you!

Sam Bradford has shined on his Wonderlic test for the NFL Draft, scoring a 36 (out of a possible 50). The average for QBs is 22. For comparison, Tebow scored a 22, Jimmy Clausen a 23, and Colt McCoy a 25.  In the past, Peyton Manning scored a 28, and Tom Brady scored a 33, so invariably this will cause scouts to drool over Sammy a bit more.

Of course, Bradford is not really participating in any of the physical activities in the combine, but he'll probably have a work out before the draft.

Adam Schefter of ESPN said a few weeks ago that he was certain that the Rams would take Bradford with the #1 overall pick.  If that is true, one has to hope that Bradford doesn't go the route of Tim Couch, but rather more along the career curve of Peyton Manning.

(h/t SB Nation editors)