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How Did You Celebrate OU's Victory Over Texas? I Bet You Didn't Do This

Personally I celebrated the big win on Saturday by going and watching my son's junior high basketball team win a state championship. Many people hung around here at The Machine commenting on the open game thread and yet surely others went off and had a nice dinner or night out with friends. However, Steven Pledger and Andrew Fitzgerald decided to go do something unique and exciting after helping the Sooners put the hurt on the Longhorns. They decided to go thugging at Dillards.

That's right ladies and gentlemen, in true DeMarcus Granger Jacktard fashion these two freshmen thought they'd go celebrate at the Sooner Mall complete with a shoplifting spree and everything. Oh, what fun! There night was even extended with the complements of the Norman police department and their subsequent arrest. As if it wasn't enough for Pledger and Fitzgerald to already have their names in the paper for scoring 9 and 3 points respectfully in the win. Oh no, they weren't good with just the sports section. They wanted the rap sheet section as well.