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Notes And Quotes On Oklahoma’s 2010 Recruiting Class


Early on it looked that the surprise of 2010's National Signing Day for Oklahoma was going to be that Jordan Lake decided to go to Arkansas. Instead the talk of the town is that Dallas Skyline linebacker Corey Nelson had chosen Oklahoma over Texas A&M despite recently affirming that he was committed to A&M. Anyhow the Aggies are taking it in stride. Here are a few snippets from

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Nelson has screwed himself. At A&M he could have become a diamond. At blowU, he will just be another rock on a gravel road. He probably will be scout squad material until his Jr year.

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Nelson does not meet the criteria required at TAMU when it comes to character. Anyone who plays a coach until the 11th hour then switches is dishonest and not ever to be trusted. His "friends" up there will never respect him or trust him. No honor among thieves. Ok to go someplace else, wish you the best, but act as he did is a serious character flaw that could never hold up at TAMU. He would never graduate.

Oklahoma's 2010 recruiting class yielded 29 new Sooners and is ranked 7th by Rivals, 2nd by Scout and 5th by ESPN.

2010 OU Recruiting Class

Name Pos Ht/Wt Rivals Rivals Rank
Blake Bell QB 6-6/210 6
Brennan Clay RB 6-0/190 2
Aaron Colvin DB 6-0/180 31
Rashod Favors LB 6-2/215 21
Roy Finch RB 5-8/170 4
Aaron Franklin LB 6-1/206 77
Trey Franks ATH 5-9/172 74
Geneo Grissom DE 6-4/230 13
Quentin Hayes DB 6-1/175 34
James Haynes DB 6-0/181 18
Austin Haywood TE 6-4/245 7
Eric Humphrey DT 6-4/273 17
Bronson Irwin OL 6-4/322 3
Tony Jefferson DB 6-0/196 4
Justin McCay ATH 6-3/197 6
Sheldon McClain WR 6-2/174 94
Trey Millard TE 6-2/245 15
Chuka Ndulue DE 6-3/240 21
Corey Nelson LB 6-0/210 12
Daniel Noble DT 6-4/275 32
Torrea Peterson DT 6-4/300 47
Joe Powell ATH 5-11/174 57
Adam Shead OL 6-4/315 13
Kenny Stills WR 6-2/175 23
Tyrus Thompson OL 6-6/278 18
Damon Williams DT 6-4/300 35
Daryl Williams OL 6-5/269 32
Julian Wilson ATH 6-2/172 NR
Austin Woods OL 6-5/290 5


"We met every, single need that we had and we did so with very talented players. Like any year, the playing time will have to be earned once the recruits get here, but this is a skilled group with good character. They project well as you look into the future." - Bob Stoops

"In the end there was some interest after the bowl games. You start talking again and you recruit like you recruit everybody. It is no different than anyone else you are recruiting. You are selling your program, why you think it's the right fit, what can possibly happen for you here and what you can expect for the next three year and what you want for your career. It's nothing different and you are just recruiting. It just depends if someone is listening or not. Fortunately Corey was listening and he felt like this is what was best for him." - Bob Stoops on Corey Nelson

"Blake Bell is a talented guy. When you look at his ability to throw the football, he is an excellent pocket quarterback which is a staple of what we do. I also think Blake is more athletic than maybe any quarterback we have signed as far as being able to pull the ball down and run. He is a guy I believe is going to be big enough, being 6'6", 220 pounds now, can be 250 easy, that you don't mind running six or seven times a game.
"We aren't going to run him much because we don't like our quarterbacks getting beat up for a lot of reasons. In the end we run them sparingly and I think he will have the physical presence to do it and he has the feet to do it. More than that we love the arm, you love he is a winner. He brought his team to the state championship game and lost but the guy had nine touchdowns in one game. He is also playing basketball and doing well so he is a great athlete.
"In the end we like the athlete that he is and we know he has a great upside but we like what we have seen already though. We like the way he throws the football and I would like to see what those experts said about Sam Bradford a year or two ago on how raw he might have been. In the end you like what you are working with and the winner he is. He comes from great blood lines when you look at his dad and this twin brother Mike, and how competitive they were for so long. He's got all the intangibles we believe as well." - Bob Stoops on Quarterback Blake Bell

Finally there's this gem in a spoof of Mack Brown bragging about his recruiting class brought to light by Houston Sooner.

Mack Brown on a Mobile