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NCAA Vault - The Cure For A Rainy Day (Season)

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The NCAA has recently released a new archival website that makes numerous NCAA Tournament games from the past decade available for instantaneous viewing.  Called The Vault, the site lets you select and watch any of the 150 Sweet 16 match-ups from 2000-2009.  Frustrated by the Sooners atrocious play of late?  Fire it up and let Aaron McGhee, Hollis Price and Blake Griffin put a smile on your face.

Here's a list of the OU games that are available to view:

2002 Sweet 16 - OU vs. Arizona
2002 Elite 8 - OU vs. Missouri
2002 Final Four - OU vs. Indiana (On second thought, don't watch this one if you want to feel better)
2003 Sweet 16 - OU vs. Butler
2003 Elite 8 - OU vs. Syracuse
2009 Sweet 16 - OU vs. Syracuse 
2009 Elite 8 - OU vs. North Carolina