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Owen Field Win Streak In Perspective

Owen Field panoramic view via <a href=""></a>
Owen Field panoramic view via

You don't often see Owen Field on the top 10 lists of most intimidating college football stadiums. However, Oklahoma's current 30 game home win streak is the longest in the program's history and is the longest active such streak in the nation.  How does this fit in historically though?

Well, the record is 58 consecutive home wins set by Miami from 1985-1994 - almost a decade of invincibility on the home turf. The Sooners would probably have to play close to another 5 seasons of unblemished football at Owen Field to surpass that mark.

Here's the rest of the list that I found on

58 games - Miami (1985-1994)
57 games - Alabama (1963-1982)
56 games - Harvard (1890-1995)
50 games - Michigan (1901-1907)
47 games - Nebraska (1991-1998)
44 games - Washington (1908-1917)
42 games - Texas (1968-1976)
40 games - Notre Dame (1907-1918)
38 games - Notre Dame (1919-1927)

37 games - Florida State (1992-2001)
37 games - Yale (1904-1908)
37 games - Yale (1900-1903)

36 games - USC (2001-2003)
33 games - Marshall (1995-2000)
33 games - Nebraska (1901-1906)

Streaks prior to the modern era are italicized. I'm a bit skeptical on the date ranges for several of these including the Harvard 56 game streak, and the USC 36 game streak. However, you take what you get when this is the only website that Google turned up!  If the Sooners win all their home games next year, they will have achieved something that only 6 other teams in the modern era have - win at least 36 consecutive home games.