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Linebacker Austin Box Throws His Name In The Jacktard Of The Year Race

Its an election year here in the state of Oklahoma and while men and women are throwing their names into races for congress and governor seats, athletes at the University of Oklahoma are making a strong push early for our Jacktard of the Year award. This award is given to the collegiate athlete who commits the dumbest infraction, leaving themselves and the program they represent in a bad light.

What had been a two horse race has now grown to three candidates. Steven Pledger and Andrew Fitzgerald were first to make our list of candidates for going on a shopping lifting spree following Oklahoma's win over Texas a week ago. Now we have candidate number three in Sooner linebacker Austin Box who was arrested in Oklahoma City early Saturday morning for disorderly conduct by urinating in public.

The thing is, Box is a repeat offender when it comes to the public pee-pee. In March of last year he was ticketed in Norman for urinating outside a restaurant. The fact that he's been charged twice for the same offense should make Mr. Box an early front-runner for our prestigious award.