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Public Service Announcement

Attention Sooner Fans!

Tonight the Sooner women's basketball team takes on the undefeated University of Connecticut Huskies basketball team. This is no small deal. UConn is riding a 64 game winning streak - an NCAA record - are undefeated this season, and are the unanimous #1 team at the top of the polls. Tip off is at 8pm at the Lloyd Noble Center. This will be televised on ESPN2.

What You Can Do:  show up and be really loud

Alternate Plan:  watch the game at home and cheer on the Sooners

The official site has a great preview.  Hopefully the Sooner women can pull it off.  This had better be a sell out. I expect to see all of you there!  The Sooners have won their last two games against top-15 teams (Baylor and Oklahoma State) one at home and one on the road. UConn has not won a game by less than double digits all season. Yikes.