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New NCAA Rule Could Make "Coach In Waiting" A Thing Of The Past In College Football?

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The Texas Longhorns and Maryland Terrapins have found themselves in a precarious spot due to a new NCAA rule change. Both schools have named coaches in waiting and now both schools have lost crucial recruiting time. The new rule states assistants "publicly designated" to be the next head coach are now bound by the same recruiting rules as the current head coach. What this means for Maryland and Texas is that James Franklin and Will Muschamp can only make one off campus visit to a prospect and it can't be between April 15 - May 31.

"We are exploring our options for legislative relief within the NCAA process, since we believe this places our program at a direct disadvantage. Will is our head coach-in-waiting but he is also our defensive coordinator, and this legislation restricts his ability to perform his current job duties," Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds said.

No, Mr. Dodds, what it does is put you on an even playing surface with everyone else when it comes to recruiting. Sure the Longhorns are going to appeal this to the best of their ability but unless that is met with success Texas is faced with the choice of either not having their best recruiter out on the road or removing the head coach designate label.