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Top 10 Ways To Identify A Texas Longhorn

With all of the renewed banter going on between us and Texas Longhorn fans here on the site, I thought it would be fun to give out 10 simple ways to identify a Longhorn. After all, with screen names being what they are it isn't always easy to identify were loyalties rest. So here are 10 things to look for when attempting to identify a Longhorn fan.

10. If your coach is the spitting image of Roscoe P. Coltrane, then you're a Texas Longhorn fan.

9. If you think that the phrase, "45-35" still matters in anything, then you're Texas Longhorn fan.

8. If you enjoy belittling your rivals but are incredibly thin-skinned when others belittle your team, then you're a Texas Longhorn.

7. If your team fired the coordinator that produced the most prolific offense in school history, two Heisman Trophy runners up and a Heisman winner, but kept the coordinator who produced the nation's 51st ranked scoring defense and was just a little worse than Miami of Ohio, but just a little better than Western Michigan, then you're Texas Longhorn fan.

6. If reciting your team's overall record against their top rivals helps you feel better about shortcomings on the field, then you're Texas Longhorn fan.

5. If you think that getting rid of three assistant coaches is going to somehow miraculously transform a 5-7 team this year into a national contender next year, then you're a Texas Longhorn fan.

4. If you can swap the words of your school's fight song with the words from, "I've Been Working on the Railroad" without missing a beat, then you're a Texas Longhorn fan.

3. If you are team's "power rushing attack" failed to produce a running back with more than 600 rushing yards, then you're a Texas Longhorn fan.

2. If you are touting a quarterback who threw 17 interceptions to just 10 touchdowns. As one of the best in the Big 12, then you're a Texas Longhorn fan.

1. If you are team is home for the holidays this year. Instead of going bowling, then you're Texas Longhorn fan.