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The Goats Have Been Sacrificed In Austin

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Greg Davis has been with Mack Brown since the two came together at Tulane in the 1980's. That ended on Monday when Davis resigned as the offensive coordinator of the Texas Longhorns, a position he has held for the last 13 seasons. Davis became the first of three victims to this season's 5-7 record posted by the Longhorn.

Davis "officially" resigned on Monday making way for Mack Brown to start over with his offense by hiring someone else to try and convince quarterback Garrett Gilbert to stop throwing the ball to the other team. Gilbert finished his first full season as the Texas starting quarterback with 9 touchdowns and 17 interceptions.

Also gone for the Texas coaching staff are offensive line coach and associate head coach Mac McWhorter as well as special teams coordinator Mike Tolleson. Both men chose on Monday to announce their "retirement."

There's no way that it is a coincidence beast three men all left the program at once. This is clearly a "housecleaning" move by Mack Brown who has chosen to part ways with a longtime friend. What I find most ironic is that Mack Brown had to address the issue by statements rather than a press conference because in an act of separation from this issue and as a major marketing ploy is dedicating today to get onto as many ESPN shows as possible.

You just can't get anymore classier than firing three coaches while you're gone to ESPN headquarters. Especially when you know that the fine folks who work for ESPN are only going to throw softball questions Brown's way this afternoon and this evening. Always smooth and always the politician Mack Brown has certainly learned how to work the system. While Texas won't be playing in a bowl game this post season is Longhorns dominate the conversations on the network that will carry the BSC Bowls.

Leave it up to Mack Brown to find a way to keep his team relevant after a season in which they were highly irrelevant. Congratulations, Mack you've made the necessary sacrifices to stave off the doubters for now. Unfortunately are still stuck with Garrett Gilbert. Good luck with that!