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Previewing Nebraska - A Look At The Husker Defense

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One thing you can count on tonight in Arlington is that nothing is going to come easy for Oklahoma's offense. The Huskers legitimately have one of the best defenses in the Big 12 and you can bank on the fact they'll be aiming to make life miserable for Landry Jones in hopes of producing the same results Missouri and Texas A&M did.


Cameron Meredith

54 Tkls/1.5 Sks



Baker Steinkuhler

43 Tkls/3.5 Sks




Jared Crick

60 Tkls/7.5 Sks



Pierre Allen

51 Tkls/3.5 Sks



Prince Amukamara

50 Tkls/1 Sk



Lavonte David

128 Tkls/6 Sks


Will Compton

12 Tkls/1 Sk




Alfonzo Dennard

23 Tkls/4 Ints


Eric Hagg

38 Tkls/1 Sk/5 Ints






Austin Cassidy

38 Tkls/1 Int



DeJon Gomes

89 Tkls/1 Sk/3 Ints


Nebraska's defense is second only to Missouri in points allowed the season. They're giving up an average of 16.8 points per game and are dominating their opponents when they they try to pass. The Huskers have only surrendered twelve passing touchdowns while snagging eighteen interceptions and holding opposing quarterbacks to just a 48.8% completion percentage. As if that wasn't bad enough, they're also spectacular at putting pressure on the quarterback and have planted opposing quarterbacks 29 times.

Against the rush its a bit of a different story. That's not to say Nebraska isn't good at stopping the run but they're not as strong as they are against the pass. The Huskers are sixth in the Big 12 at stopping the the, allowing opponents to run for a team average of 147 yards per game with a combined 10 rushing touchdowns given up this season.

The Sooners are going to have to have a successful running game tonight to give their passing attack a chance. If DeMarco Murray, Roy Finch and Trey Millard can't get going then the Huskers are going to be able to pin their ears back and come after Landry Jones. If, however, Oklahoma is able to force Nebraska to play the run then Jones could find time in the pocket. If that's the case, we haven't seen a defense yet that can contain Ryan Broyles. It all keys off the success of the run though.