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OU LB Travis Lewis leaning towards coming back?

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Could OU fans be in store for another season with the charismatic leader of the Sooner defense?
Could OU fans be in store for another season with the charismatic leader of the Sooner defense?

After recovering from a big night out at Fogo De Chao, OU LB Travis Lewis found a way to get comfortable in front a camera and met with the Fiesta Bowl media yesterday.  Lewis is one of the Sooner stand-outs who is contemplating whether or not to forego his final year of eligibilty and jump to playing on Sundays.  Well during his interview session yesterday, Lewis alluded to the fact that he may be leaning towards returning for his senior season.

I want to win and I love winning, Lewis said. I’ve played in a national championship and I haven’t won it. There’s a team coming back that’s capable of doing it and that’s huge for me. We’ve got a lot of people thinking about coming back.

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Lewis went on to talk about teammate's Ryan Broyles decision and the potential for next year's team.

I know (receiver) Ryan (Broyles) is considering coming back and that’s huge. We’ll have basically our whole offense coming back and we’ll lose a couple of guys on defense but we lost a couple of guys on defense last year and people said we were going to take a big hit. We kept on moving, so this team is capable of great things.

Lewis' position coach and coordinator also weighed in on situation facing Travis.

I’ll let him speak for himself, but he needs to come back and improve himself in a variety of areas and not go somewhere for a discount," Venables said. "He’s had a very good year, but I think Travis is not easily satisfied where he self-evaluates. He knows that there’s more for him to have. He wants to dominate the game and he feels like he’s capable of doing that if he’s purposeful in what he does in regards to the next six, 10 months.

And finally, perhaps the most telling quote from Lewis and one that should make Sooner fans very cautiously optimistic.

If I would have played lights out this season and been an All-American and everything like that, coach V would tell me it’s my time. But I didn’t. I made second-team All Big-12. That’s disappointing to me. I helped the team in spurts, but I didn’t help them enough.

Do I have unfinished business? I do.

Now I get that until the deadline has officially passed you have to take anything these kids say with a healthy grain of salt, but call me Billy Mumphrey (any Seinfeld fans out there?) as I'm expecting both Lewis and Broyles to be back in 2011 and a very powerful Sooner team looking for #8!