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Wednesday's Bowl Predictions And Game Thread

Did you hear that, "Woo-Hoo!!!" scream that came from my living room last night when Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbart threw a game winning 72-yard touchdown pass to Iowa defensive back Micah Hyde. It wasn't that I was thrilled the Tigers were going to choke off their lead and lose the Insight Bowl, well I kinda was but not for the reason you might suspect. Unless your team wears burnt orange I'll cheer for all the Big 12 teams during the bowl season except for when I've picked against them in our bowl pick'em contest. That interception put me at 2-0 last night and, more importantly, helped me to a two-game winning streak and put my record at 6-5 after losing the previous four games.  

Now, on to today's bowl games. The Big 12 is featured twice this evening and unlike last night I think the conference has a chance to pick up wins.  



Ecu_medium Maryland_medium
Military Bowl

1:30 CST

Score Prediction: 37-13 Terrapins

MVP Prediction: Maryland Quarterback Danny O'Brien


Texas Bowl 

5:00 CST

Score Prediction: 30-27 Baylor

MVP Prediction: Baylor Quarterback Robert Griffin


Oklahoma_st_medium Arizona_medium

Alamo Bowl 

8:15 CST

Score Prediction: 42-23 Cowboys

MVP Prediction: OSU Running Back Kendall Hunter