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2010 Pretend Playoffs - First Round: #1 Auburn vs #8 Arkansas



Auburn_medium Pigs_medium

 When these two schools met in the regular season it was an offensive slugfest that Auburn eventually won 65-43 but some would say it was thanks to some questionable decisions by the replay booth. However, others would take the stand that the replays didn't matter and the best team won that day. 

If these two teams were to get an Orange Bowl rematch in the first round of our NCAA college football playoff would the result be any different? According to What If Sports it wouldn't be as high scoring as the first time around.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final     
 Arkansas Razorbacks                                            3 3 7 6 19
Auburn Tigers                                                          7 3 3 14 27

Scoring Summary
1st Quarter
Auburn 5:05 TD Cam Newton 8 yd. run (Byrum kick) 0-7
Ark 2:22 FG Zach Hocker 43 yds. 3-7
2nd Quarter
Auburn 13:30 FG Wes Byrum 50 yds. 3-10
Ark 0:07 FG Zach Hocker 36 yds. 6-10
3rd Quarter
Ark 6:55 TD D.J. Williams 67 yd. pass from Mallett (Hocker kick) 13-10
Auburn 2:43 FG Wes Byrum 43 yds. 13-13
4th Quarter
Auburn 14:19 TD Mario Fannin 2 yd. run (Byrum kick) 13-20
Ark 12:00 FG Zach Hocker 32 yds. 16-20
Auburn 11:10 TD Michael Dyer 67 yd. run (Byrum kick) 16-27
Ark 7:08 FG Zach Hocker 47 yds. 19-27

It looks like a fourth quarter rally once again gives the Tigers the win and will send Arkansas home from our playoffs. Auburn advances on to the Fiesta Bowl and will play the winner of the Gator Bowl between #4 Stanford and #5 Wisconsin.