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Saturday's College Football Bowl Game Predictions/Open Thread

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First and foremost, if you haven't already registered for our Bowl Pick'em contest then you need to do so here. Now, on to business! Today brings us the first of what will seem like 1,000 post season bowl games for college football and while we may complain just a bit about the over excessiveness of these holiday season money makers at least we're once again getting some college football on a Saturday. Let me share with you some predictions about today's games and leave you a place to discuss them as well. You know you're gonna be watching because you're addicted just like I am.  




Byu_medium Utep_medium


New Mexico Bowl 

1:00 PM CST

Score Prediction: 27-20 UTEP

MVP: BYU Running Back JJ Di Luig  



Humanitarian Bowl

4:30 CST

Score Prediction: 33-28 Northern Illinois

MVP: NIU Running Back Chad Spann


  Ohio_old11_medium Troy_medium


New Orleans Bowl 

8:00 CST

Score Prediction: 35-31 Troy

MVP: Troy Running Back Jerrel Jernigan