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The college football bowl season is on the horizon and the basketball season is well under way. So what's being discussed on the Big 12 blogs? Coaching changes! 

So a report at today says that Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen will be chasing mountain mamas' next season as offensive coordinator for West Virginia.  The report says Holgorsen will serve as coach in waiting for one season and then take over as Mountaineers head coach for the 2012-13 season.   

I think I'll wait for something a little more official before  the question mark goes away.

I see it this way. He can keep the party going in Stillwater and keep doing what he's doing with some really great players -  or he can go coach at a school that is having problems putting butts in seats. - Cowboys Ride For Free

Interesting Power Rankings this week, as when you spell out our picks you find a three way tie for second in conference. Pretty indicative, I think, of the way things are shaping out during non-conference play. - Big 12 Hoops

I want all the texas fans to know, being the benevolent Aggie that I am, that I have found a solution to their defensive coordinator issues. This man will bring an attacking-style defense that will bring blitzes from every angle on the field. He begins blitzing 'as soon as he steps off the bus'. He is a tenacious recruiter, he has experience working in the Big 12 landscape, and he favors a multiple even-front scheme based on a 4-2-5 like what texas has been running under Will Muschamp. Furthermore, this candidate has an incredible record of success under Mack Brown, and is good friends with him. To all of you longhorn fans out there, I give you your new defensive coordinator: Mr. Carl Torbush. - I Am The 12th Man

Howdy folks, I'm sorry I've been away for a while. Things got a little hectic for me, but I'm back and have been following the development of our (thankfully) new coaching staff. As far as I know, this is the most recent article. It states that Kanavis McGhee, yet another former Buff great, has been added to the staff as an Assistant Coach. This one has some people scratching their heads because he has no D1 or NFL coaching experience. - The Ralphie Report

I didn't see that coming. I don't know if anyone did. 

Texas defensive coordinator and "Coach In Waiting" (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaahahahahahaha) will be named the new head coach of the Florida Gators, replacing Urban Meyer. Texas fans aren't happy - this makes 2010 officially the worst season ever in the history of mankind, something that ought to have you laughing this morning. - Corn Nation

With football not having a ton going on (outside of Army vs. Navy, and the Heisman) and with the winter weather now upon us, maybe you've had the chance to watch some basketball. Perhaps not, but either way, you know when that white stuff falls from the sky, and the temperatures get in the single digits, that it's basketball season. I put this little thing together every week because I like talking college basketball as a whole, and so that somebody who likes the Cyclones but doesn't really follow basketball can get a high level summary of what the Cyclones did, how the Big 12 stacks up, what the good teams are nationally, and some idea of a game or two to watch if they feel like watching a game. So here we go! - Clone Chronicles

The quarterback position for the Kansas Jayhawks could have used a shot in the arm, but it looks like that might have to wait. is reporting that Zack Stoudt, 6'5" 230 pound quarterback from Iowa Western Community College will be signing with the Ole Miss this Wednesday, choosing the Rebels over the Jayhawks.

What this means for Kansas is that Jordan Webb will be the likely candidate at quarterback for the 2011 season and Kansas fans will be anxious to see and hear of any positive development by Webb during the offseason.  Quinn Mecham also has an opportunity, but if he didn't win the job this year, what chance does he really have? - Rock Chalk Talk

So much for Randy Shannon. A day after the university posted a list of job qualifications that eliminated every candidate except for Florida DC Teryl Austin and North Carolina DC Everett Withers, Chip Brown of Orangebloods is reporting that Austin will be the next Texas defensive coordinator. According to the Statesman, 247Sports is also reporting that Austin is Mack's guy.

At 45, Austin has experience in both the NFL and college over a nearly 20-year coaching career. After spending seven seasons in the NFL, Austin returned to college last season to coach the Gators' defense when Urban Meyer's first choice to replace Charlie Strong bolted for the NFL after only a month in Gainesville. The 2010 season represented Austin's only experience as a defensive coordinator after coaching defensive backs for the entirety of his career. Like Will Muschamp's group, the Gator defense was negatively impacted by the poor play of the offense, finishing ninth in total defense, but 31st in scoring defense. - Burnt Orange Nation

Up this morning, is the 2008 class, which was relatively small and had some real reaches on defense that never paid off. Up first, is the entire class, which was only 16 players total (it included Donnie Carona as a special teams player). I should also mention that I thought about DTN grading the classes and I came up with a numerical system that I thought we would debate, but I also wondered if it did us any good to grade the classes. In part because the closer we get to this class, the tougher it is to actually determine if a class has done much of anything. - Double T Nation

The resurgent Oklahoma State Cowboys were dealt a serious blow on Tuesday when it was released by a local West Virginia newspaper that offensive coordinator will be moving to call plays for the Mountaineers. According to the report, Holgorsen will be named offensive coordinator for 2011 and then become the head coach in 2012. - Crimson And Cream Machine

During the gap between regular season and bowls, I tend to whip out a What If... post or two. The impetus for this and other posts in the next couple of weeks should be pretty obvious: after all the MIZZOUEXPANSIONAPALOOZA 2010TM talk this summer, we discussed many scenarios that might play out for Missouri's future, and it's probably about that time to start looking at how things might have unfolded given other scenarios.

We start with the 10-team Big 12.  In mid-June, I took a look at what the Big 12 landscape would have looked like if the 10-team Big 12 had always come into existence (i.e. if Nebraska and Colorado had ended up in their respective conferences in 1996 instead of 2011): - Rock M Nation

In the style of Rock M Nation's caption contests, let's have some fun here.  Today, the Big 10 announced that its new divisions would be called the "Leaders" and "Legends."  Judging by Twitter and this site, most have found those to be a little silly (or a lot silly).

So instead of being part of the problem, let's be part of the solution.  Post your ideas for what the Big 10 should have used in the comments.  For extra credit, propose new names for the Big 12's bland (and no-longer-used) "North" and "South," and if you really want to be teacher's pet, propose new names for the SEC's unimaginative "East" and "West" and give the Pac-10 ideas, too. - Bring On The Cats