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Initial BlogPoll Ballot: Week 11

As the end of the season approaches voting becomes more and more difficult for me to figure out who deserves to be where. There are two things that I'm solid on right now though. The Oregon Ducks are the best team in the country right now and TCU is better deserving to be in the BCS championship game than Boise State is, should they both remain undefeated. Here's how I'm casting my vote this week starting with my Top 10.

1. Oregon - Won 53-16 over Washington

2. TCU  - Won 47-7 at Utah

3. Auburn - Won 62-24 over Chattanooga

4. Boise State - Won 42-7 over Hawaii

5. Ohio State - IDLE

6. Wisconsin - Won 34-13 at Purdue

7. LSU - Won 24-21 over Alabama

8. Stanford - Won 42-17 over Arizona

9. Arkansas - Won 41-20 at South Carolina

10. Nebraska - Won 31-30 at Iowa State

Complete Top 25 After The Jump