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Sooner Nation Replay: Venting Out The Frustration Is Healthy


In case you missed the live show, here's a chance to catch it in its entirety. As previously noted we didn't go easy on the coaches or the players when discussing Saturday night's loss to Texas A&M. However, we pointed out that Oklahoma is still on track for my 10-2 preseason prediction. We also discussed that Bob Stoops has shown a pattern of developing teams and this 2010 squad falls right into that pattern. In addition, here are a few of our other talking points.

* Offensive failures - execution and play calling.
* Defensive breakdowns - Secondary out of place again. My take on why this is still happening?
* My explanation of why Kevin Wilson is a bad offensive coordinator.
* Who holds Bob Stoops accountable?
* My explanation of why this team plays bad on the road and why the coaches aren't to blame.
* Why Saturday night's loss doesn't remove anything that at stake for this season, for the Sooners, going into the game.
* Big 12 breakdown - Including some Texas bashing and a little love for O-State (kinda). 


Oh yeah, there was also that tidbit on Von Miller flopping around like a soccer player for most of the second half.